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Essential Fatty Acids for Optimum Health.
  • Reduce the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease**
  • Support Brain Function and Healthy Cholesterol
  • Non-GMO, Free of Mercury and Other Toxins
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Essential Fatty Acids for Optimum Health.

What matters most in life? There are a million right answers – but for everyone, health and longevity are invaluable. When it comes to supplementation, Vivora is a premium EPA and DHA Omega-3 fish oil supplement that may support your overall health and vitality.

Since the 1930’s, Omega-3 fatty acids have been recognized for their role in promoting normal human growth and health. Awareness of their health benefits has skyrocketed in recent years, and in 2004 the Food and Drug Administration declared that supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Many studies also suggest that Omega-3 fish oil benefits extend beyond heart health to joint comfort, cognitive function, and beautiful skin.

What Are Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

Omega-3 fatty acids consist of a group of three fats: ALA, EPA, and DHA. ALA is found in plant oils like flaxseed oil and hemp oil. While your body can convert ALA fatty acids into EPA and DHA, many factors including a poor diet can inhibit conversion. EPA and DHA are most commonly supplemented, since they are “essential” fatty acids. That means your body needs them to function, but since your body can’t synthesize them, you must get them in your diet.

Vivora packs a powerful combination of DHA and EPA Omega-3 fish oils with recommended potency levels to help you experience maximum health benefits. EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) is a superstar in many fish oil supplements because of its positive effects in promoting heart and cardiovascular health. DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) shares the limelight with EPA as a main ingredient in fish oil supplements because it benefits cognitive function and vision, making it a no-brainer for, well, brain health and eye health.

Taking Vivora Omega-3 fish oil daily may help:
  • Reduce the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease**
  • Benefit Overall Heart & Cardiovascular Health
  • Support Normal “Good” HDL Cholesterol Levels
  • Fortify Brain Function & Mental Acuity
  • Promote Overall Joint Comfort
  • Nourish Skin to Ward Off Dryness and Irritation

Enrich your health with Vivora Omega-3 fish oils to inspire total vitality! *

**The Food and Drug Administration concluded that supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Vivora Omega-3 Fish Oil Blend

Vivora’s premium formula contains a high-potency fish oil blend of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids to deliver a robust lineup of health benefits. *

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)
Along with DHA, EPA is one of the most important acids required by your body. Since your body can’t make its own, you have to get EPA either from a diet rich in seafood (like salmon, mackerel, or sardines) or from a daily fish oil supplement like Vivora. EPA is known predominantly for supporting your heart, cardiovascular function, joint health, and skin.

DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)
DHA is the other component of the Vivora high-potency blend that, along with EPA, provides powerful health benefits that your body must either get from food or supplementation. DHA is the essential fatty acid that is most highly concentrated in your retina and brain…and these are aspects of your health that can be most benefited by taking a fish oil supplement like Vivora daily. Healthy DHA levels are associated with superior cognitive function, visual acuity, and mental and emotional health. As the component in human breast milk that is thought to aid in mental and visual development in babies, DHA is now present in all infant formula and is a recommended supplement for pregnant or nursing women.

Vivora Frequently Asked Questions *

Q: How does Vivora work?
A: The average American doesn’t get nearly the recommended dose of Omega-3 in their diet for optimal health, and Omega-3 deficiency can lead to problems ranging from chronic fatigue and depression to heart problems and memory loss. Since your body can’t synthesize its own, Omega-3 essential fatty acids must come from food or supplementation. Vivora is a high-potency fish oil blend of EPA and DHA Omega-3 essential fatty acids that supplement your body’s reserves of Omega-3, all the way from your heart to your hair to your hips!
Q: What does Vivora contain?
A: Vivora is a high-potency fish oil blend of EPA and DHA Omega-3 essential fatty acids that may help benefit your heart, brain, eyes, joints, and skin. Each capsule contains 1,000mg of fish oil, with 300mg of EPA and 200mg of DHA. Taken daily, Vivora achieves the industry recommended dosage of Omega-3 for you to experience maximum health benefits.
Q: How do I take Vivora?
A: Take one softgel capsule up to four times daily.
Q: EPA and DHA only make up 500mg of each 1,000mg Vivora capsule. What’s in the rest?
A: Each 1,000mg Vivora fish oil capsule contains 300mg of EPA and 200mg of DHA; the remaining milligrams in the capsule consist of protein and a small amount of calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol.
Q: How does Vivora compare to other omega fish oil supplements?
A: One way to compare omega fish oil supplements is to look at the Omega-3 content – meaning what percentage of the total milligrams in each capsule is Omega-3. Many of the Omega-3 fish oil supplements sold in grocery stores are as low as 30% Omega-3, or else that don’t contain both EPA and DHA. Since the EPA and DHA Omega-3 in Vivora make up 500mg of each 1,000mg capsule, Vivora has 50% Omega-3 content.
Q: Will Vivora cause “fishy burps” or aftertaste?
A: If you experience a fishy aftertaste or “fishy burps”, try taking Vivora with a meal. Some people find that freezing Omega fish oil pills can help reduce burps.
Q: I read that fish oil pills can have high levels of mercury or other toxins. Is Vivora molecularly distilled to remove these?
A: Many species of fish are known to have high concentrations of toxic chemicals like mercury, PCBs, dioxins, and other heavy metals that can cause serious health problems. Vivora is molecularly distilled to remove these toxins from the fish oil. Additionally, it is wise to choose a supplement that is made from fish that are lower on the food chain, like sardines and anchovies, since they likely have lower concentrations of contaminants. Because of this, Vivora is made from sardine, anchovy, mackerel, salmon, and herring.
Q: Can Vivora replace my cholesterol medication?
A: If you have a serious medical condition like high cholesterol, you should discuss your options with your physician. Vivora is a natural Omega-3 fish oil supplement and is intended to supply your body with the essential fatty acids necessary to promote heart health, joint comfort, brain health, and beautiful skin.
Q: Why take Vivora with other Vianda supplements?
A: It’s no accident that DHA is in all infant formulas and recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing – DHA is one of the most prevalent fats in the brain and retina. EPA is the ingredient in Vivora with powerful heart health benefits. When it comes to your heart, your brain, and your vision, you can’t be too careful. Take Vianda’s other premium supplements to address your personal health concerns, and combined with the overall health benefits of Vivora, you’re well on your way to a happy, healthy lifestyle!
Q: What is Vivora’s return policy?
A: Your Vivora purchase comes with Vianda’s 60 Day Return Policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you may call Customer Care at 1-866-834-1715 within 60 days of the date of your order to make arrangements to receive a credit on any unopened cycles you return.
Q: Can I get Vivora from my doctor?
A: Currently, Vivora is not available for purchase from your doctor. However, physicians and other healthcare professionals are encouraged to call our Professional Division at 1.800.276.1376 to learn more about Vivora and how to recommend it to patients.
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