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Natural Probiotic and Digestive Supplement
  • 10 Billion CFU with 10 Species of Live Bacteria **
  • Support GI Tract & Intestinal Health for Regularity
  • Immunity and Enhance Nutrient Absorption
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Eat, Work, and Live Better with Sorbera.

You see ads touting the benefits of probiotics, and odds are, you’re not really sure what they do. That’s because while probiotics have long been hailed as a powerhouse health aid, they’ve only recently become popular in the United States. Now, there’s Sorbera – a probiotic blend that you can take daily to realize the healthy benefits people worldwide have been enjoying for decades.

Sorbera is a premium daily probiotic supplement that feeds your body the “friendly” bacteria it needs for healthy digestion, vitamin and nutrient absorption, and strong immunity.

Taken every morning like a vitamin, Sorbera may help:
  • Deliver beneficial live bacteria to the digestive system
  • Regulate intestinal health
  • Strengthen digestion
  • Support the gastrointestinal tract to combat constipation
  • Sustain Immune System Functions
  • Enhance nutrient absorption

When your intestine and your gut are happy, you can rest easy knowing your body has the arsenal it needs to radiate health from the inside out. Try Sorbera today and reawaken your digestive health! *

** At time of manufacture

Sorbera Probiotic Blend

Sorbera’s premium blend of active culture probiotics is formulated to deliver maximum “friendly” bacteria to your intestinal tract to support vital body functions and help you maintain digestive balance. *
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Yogurt strain that promotes regularity

This strain of probiotic comes from Latin meaning “Acid-loving milk bacterium”. It’s commonly found in dairy products like yogurt. Strong enough to survive the gastrointestinal journey through your body, it is used to restore the balance of intestinal flora. L. Acidophilus also promotes the production of Vitamin K and may support bowel regularity.

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Immune response and carb metabolism

Bifidobacterium is found in the gastrointestinal tract, vagina, and mouth of humans. Used widely in the food industry, its range of health benefits include supporting your body’s immune response and promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and nutrients, which is especially useful to lifestyles high in processed foods and fat.

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Aids conversion of lactose into lactic acid
Streptococcus comes from the Greek meaning “twisted berry” because of the way the bacterium is chained like a string of berries. Thermophilus also comes from the Greek meaning “heat” because it can thrive at extremely high temperatures. As a live culture, this bacteria turns lactose (the sugar in milk) into lactic acid – lactose is what makes it difficult for people who are lactose-intolerant to digest dairy products.
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Prebiotic for GI tract health
This bacteria occurs naturally in plants like Jerusalem Artichoke and Chicory, and is also produced commercially as an artificial sweetener. It can also be found in bananas, onions, barley, and asparagus. It possesses prebiotic effects to support overall GI tract health and to promote calcium absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions *

Q: How does Sorbera work?
A: Sorbera is a natural, probiotic supplement. When the good bacteria in your intestine are weakened or destroyed by stress, lifestyle factors, or a diet high in fat and processed foods, Sorbera can help fill the void to keep your digestive system balanced and running smoothly.
Q: What does Sorbera contain?
A: Sorbera contains a potent blend of 10 species of live probiotic organisms with 10 billion CFU per caplet and 50 mg of prebiotics, with the patented BIO-tract delivery system to ensure its active ingredients reach your intestine alive to provide maximum benefit. **
Q: How do I take Sorbera?
A: Take one Sorbera caplet daily, preferably in the morning with a meal.
Q: Will Sorbera help my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)?
A: If you have a serious medical condition like IBS, you should discuss your options with your physician. Sorbera is a natural supplement and is intended to supply your body with the probiotics necessary to maintain GI tract health and digestive balance which includes healthy bowel functioning.
Q: What is a CFU?
A: CFU stands for Colony Forming Units, which is how the active bacteria in probiotics are measured. While many experts recommend taking a probiotic with a minimum of 100 million CFU daily, more CFU does not necessarily mean better quality. **
Q: How many CFU do I need?
A: Recent studies suggest possible health benefits in probiotic supplements ranging from 50 million to 1 trillion CFU per day. The quality of a probiotic can’t be judged by CFU alone – it is equally important for a probiotic to contain multiple species of live organisms to more closely mirror the natural microflora environment in your own digestive system. Sorbera contains 10 billion CFU per caplet with 10 species of live organisms, as well as prebiotics called Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS) that “feed” your probiotics so they thrive in your system.
Q: I eat yogurt everyday – do I still need a probiotic supplement?
A: Since different brands of yogurt contain different species of bacteria with varying amounts of probiotics, it is difficult to compare them to Sorbera probiotics. However, many popular yogurts contain one or two species of live probiotic organisms. One important factor in determining the health benefits of probiotics is whether they contain multiple species of active bacteria. Each caplet of Sorbera contains 10 different species of probiotic organisms. Also consider that many yogurts contain added sugars and calories.
Q: Why take Sorbera with other Vianda supplements?
A: You’ve probably seen ads talking about the benefits of taking a probiotic, but you might not understand WHY. The rest of the world has been using probiotics for decades, and they’re finally becoming popular in the United States as a powerhouse health aid. A variety of factors like stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and getting older can make it harder for your body to process and absorb vitamins. Sorbera is a daily probiotic supplement that feeds your body the “friendly” bacteria it needs for healthy digestion, so you absorb more of the vitamins and nutrients in the food you eat AND in your other Vianda supplements. Take Sorbera to keep your intestine and your gut happy, and you can rest easy knowing your body has the arsenal it needs to live healthier.
Q: What is Sorbera’s return policy?
A: Your Sorbera purchase comes with Vianda’s 60 Day Return Policy. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you may call Customer Care at 1-866-834-1715 within 60 days of the date of your order to make arrangements to receive a credit on any unopened cycles you return.
Q: Can I get Sorbera from my doctor?
A: Currently, Sorbera is not available for purchase from your doctor. However, physicians and other healthcare professionals are encouraged to call our Professional Division at 1.800.276.1376 to learn more about Sorbera and how to recommend it to patients.
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