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VIANDA IMPROVES LIFE: Enhancing the health and overall quality of life, Vianda's brands are formulated with clinically-tested ingredients that supplement the mind and body and enrich our modern lifestyles.

VIANDA CONSERVES LIFE: Driving innovation to offer healthy alternatives that are derived from nature's rich resources, discouraging the use of unnatural products, to protect life in our world.

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Who we are

Vianda stands tall above the competition in the world of natural health. At Vianda, we focus on supplying premium doctor-formulated, substantiated brands. We attribute our strong customer loyalty to these brands; which are all top-notch, tested formulas. Vianda creates high quality products that not only deliver results, but improve lives, in a natural manner.

All of Vianda’s formulas are borne from years of clinical research, based on individual ingredients, found all over the world. We capitalize on nutrient synergies to be to the highest standard, thus delivering safe, yet potent, premium vitamin, mineral, and botanical solutions – with the goal to help the body operate it its optimal potential.

Vianda’s quality standards go above and beyond natural supplement manufacturing requirements. Our natural supplements are manufactured in the United States by USFDA-registered and audited manufacturing facilities, and they are also certified by NSF, a 3rd-party independent auditing service. Our raw materials, as well as our finished products, are tested by independent 3rd-party laboratories registered and audited by the FDA to ensure conformity with safety and efficacy specifications.

Why Vianda products?

Good for you

We're cautious of our ingredient selection and use only the best - Manufactured in the U.S.

Made to perform

Breakthrough Doctor-Formulated formulas that are designed and tested thoroughly.

Safe & Effective

We provide information around what's in our products and why.

How Altovis Works

Altovis is designed to provide a boost to energy in two parts. The most immediate increase in energy is provided by caffeine from Green Tea, which enhances our perception of physical and mental energy by stimulating the central nervous system. This stimulation results in the fairly immediate effects of increased wakefulness and alertness, a decreased sense of fatigue and elevation of mood. There is often an improvement in physical performance as well. More fundamental and more subtle are the concepts of "vital energy" (a Traditional Chinese Medicine theory) and of ingredients considered to be "adaptogenic". Adaptogens support and strengthen the body to enable it to better cope with the negative effects of stress. Adaptogens are a unique group of herbal ingredients used to support the health of your adrenal system. They help strengthen the body’s response to stress and enhance its ability to cope and fight fatigue – slowly and gently, without jolts or crashes. They’re called adaptogens because of their unique ability to “adapt” their function according to your body’s specific needs. Though the effects may initially be subtle and take time to make themselves felt, they’re real and undeniable.*

Taking Altovis Daily May Help:

Boost Natural Energy Levels*

Fight Occasional Fatigue*

Restore Mental Alertness*

Stimulate Performance Ability*

Enhance Metabolism & Stamina*

Life Takes Energy

We’ve all been there. That point in the day when you need something, anything, to keep you going. Some may rely on a quick fix from a soda or candy bar to jumpstart our energy reserves and give us a sensation of greater energy. For the rest of us, there’s a healthier solution – Altovis. Formulated to help you keep up with your active lifestyle.*

Energy Booster to Fight Occasional Fatigue*

Enhance Mental Alertness, Focus, & Stamina*

•Dairy free
•Gluten free
•Soy free

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