If you are starting a new career, going back to school, or taking on some other major life change, you can benefit from personal growth. However, you may fall into the trap of taking on more than you can handle in an attempt to be successful, but if you truly want to grow and succeed in life, you need to pay more attention to self-care. Here are a few tips from Healthy Living by Vianda on how to do just that.

What Is Self-Care?

People often associate self-care with an indulgent day at the spa or an expensive massage, but Psych Central defines it succinctly as “any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.” Self-care is neither selfish nor something we should feel forced or obligated to do. Rather, it’s a healthy habit that should be incorporated into your daily routine.

How Do I Know I’m Missing It?

We need to frequently check in with ourselves to make sure we are paying attention to this oft-neglected component of good health. It’s pretty easy to know that you are missing out on proper self-care if:

●You feel overwhelmed or burnt out.

●You’re tired all the time.

●You don’t know how to manage all the stress in your life.

●You struggle to make decisions and to trust the ones you do make.

You may not realize it, but working too hard can cost you at work and in relationships. Self-neglect is something many entrepreneurs struggle with and it can lead to business and personal failure.

The Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care, then, is a crucial part of living a balanced life. According to LifeHacker, it’s necessary to refocus, prevent burnout, and reduce stress. More benefits of self-care include:

The Law of Attraction blog writes that the practice of saying “no” to things that you don’t value allows you to focus your energies on things that matter most to you.

Increased self-knowledge.
When you figure out what activities nurture your self-care, you learn more about yourself.

Competitive advantage.
Taking care of yourself feels good but it also has practical benefits in all areas of life. Self-care can give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed but you have to change your mindset first. Remember, self-care is a necessary part of your life, not a luxury.

The Best Ways to Take Care of Yourself

The best self-care activities will serve more than one purpose and can lead to greater personal development. Here are some of the healthiest activities you can choose.

A Balanced Diet and Exercise

Healthy eating and exercise are two of the best ways you can take care of yourself. Choose a fitness routine that works for you. Yoga and cardio workouts are easy to learn and are superb for mind, body, and spirit. And eating a balanced diet can improve your mood as well as help you manage your weight, which can also boost your self-esteem. Learn to avoid foods that stimulate stress, leave you craving for more, or don’t satisfy you. These healthy strategies are particularly important for those in recovery from addiction.

Address Oral Health

Oral health is linked with a wide variety of serious physical concerns, like heart disease and diabetes. Taking routine care of your teeth by brushing, flossing and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash can make a big difference in your wellbeing while also providing a confidence boost.

Many people don’t like their smiles, even with proper oral care, and teeth that don’t align properly complicate your efforts. If you’re one of the many people who hides behind a hand when laughing or smiling, you can seek out in-home teeth straightening services like byte. This solution is affordable and well-reviewed by users, edging out expensive brands like Smile Direct Club. Brushing and flossing will be more effective with a straighter smile, and you won’t need to hide anymore when you’re cutting up with your friends.

Taking a Break from Media

Too much time on social media and listening to negative or bad news stories can induce stress. In addition, blue light from your tablet, phone, and other devices can interrupt healthy sleep patterns. Take a break from media and devices a few hours before bed, and delay engaging with them in the morning. Replace that time with a healthy practice, such as affirmations or meditation.

Meditation or Prayer

Meditation and prayer can not only bring relief from stress, but they can also boost your self-awareness. You can learn great insights about how your behaviors are impacting your life. Here is more information on the benefits of meditation from the Art of Living.

Self-care is the secret weapon of successful entrepreneurs, career professionals, and anyone making a major life chance, from returning to school to recovery. Take time to care for yourself and you’ll see growth in your life.

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